The Nextlaw Public Affairs Network not only connects you with over 200 high-quality public affairs firms in 155 countries, it also puts you in touch with hundreds of law firms from around the world. This way, you can provide a more integrated solution to your clients’ business challenges, regardless of specialization or geography. As the worlds of public affairs and law become much more closely integrated, we all must be prepared to support our clients with a more versatile and comprehensive approach. Now the power of technology can help us broaden our business and stay more competitive. Working with our sister network, Nextlaw Referral Network, we can now help members serve clients in the court of public opinion and the court of law.

“Our goal is to provide a truly global, egalitarian platform that provides all of our members, regardless of size, the ability to connect with some 33,000 lawyers anywhere in the world. Our Network provides quick and easy access to the very best public affairs talent and expertise across the globe. For virtually every businesses, public affairs (advocacy, public relations, crisis communications, campaign and issue management, social media engagement) is a multi-faceted function critical to their success. Regardless of the need, requirement of size of the matter, the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network helps clients navigate any complex public policy issue,”

—Paul Hatch, Nextlaw Public Affairs Network CEO

The public affairs industry is changing

Our industry is changing. There has been rapid consolidation, with a trend toward globalization and deep horizontal integration with larger public affairs firms.

It is within this changing landscape that firms are invited to join Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, a network that seeks members based solely on reputation and quality. The network was created by Dentons, the largest, most innovative law firm in the world, which sees public affairs firms—from the largest to the smallest alike—not as competitors, but as collaborators. We are leveling the playing field and providing a truly democratic platform that showcases and connects quality talent to client needs anywhere in the world.

In today’s dynamic and shifting global environment clients need to be served in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law.

In today’s media-centric, cable and digital world, this often means integrating cross-functional services such as legal representation and public affairs capabilities.

Clients need knowledgeable professionals who understand the regulatory, business and economic cultures of their respective regions. This is why Dentons has created both Nextlaw Referral Network and, now, Nextlaw Public Affairs Network—to connect clients to the highest quality lawyers and public affairs talent around the world.

The network draws its membership from companies and organizations of all sizes that help clients shape government policy or public opinion through lobbying, public relations, advertising, grassroots organizing, grass-tops outreach, survey research and digital and social media.

Types of public affairs firms in the network

    • Lobbying and Advocacy
    • Public Relations
    • Crisis Communications
    • Litigation Communications
    • Media Content Creation and Placement
    • Campaign Consulting and Management
    • Expert Witness Liaison and Preparation
    • Media Monitoring
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Data Analytics and Forensic Consulting
    • Grassroots Organizing & Grasstops Engagement
    • Advertising

Nextlaw Public Affairs Network represents an enormous business opportunity for member firms by connecting them to one another, as well as to hundreds of law firms from around the world, and to new clients in ways that weren’t possible before. It makes it easy to be part of a quality-based, fee-free network providing member firms with an instant, formidable global footprint. Clients win by gaining access to the appropriate talent, expertise and capability they need anywhere in the world.

The network leverages the technology designed and built in support of Dentons’ Nextlaw Referral Network, which debuted in October 2016 and now has nearly 700 law firms as members covering over 205 countries with nearly 22,000 lawyers. Nextlaw Public Affairs Network’s technology platform enables members to research the capabilities of other members very quickly and easily and find pre-vetted, top-notch firms. The network charges no fees to join or participage and allows for for multiple members in a single market, and has become the largest, most versatile network of its kind in the world. In addition, member firms can belong to other networks as well.

All prospective member firms will undergo a thorough and diligent review process.


Introducing a public affairs referral network unlike any other, created by Dentons, the world’s largest and most innovative law firm. Nextlaw Public Affairs Network has been developed to provide unprecedented benefits to its members by helping secure top public affairs talent around the world for their clients, and connecting member public affairs firms to top law firms from around the world.

  • No fees to join. No strings attached.
  • Not limited to one public affairs firm per geographical location, giving members a wider choice of referral firms with a focus on quality and experience, not exclusivity.
  • Closely integrated with one of the world’s largest legal referral networks, providing local legal expertise from Dentons or hundreds of independent firms as needed worldwide.
  • Utilizes a new , easy-to-use technology platform that makes it easier and faster to find the right expertise anywhere in the world.
  • Allows firms of all sizes to market to clients a truly global footprint, with their ability to assist clients anywhere across the globe in a cost-effective manner.
  • Firms of any size are invited to join and take advantage of this network.
  • Members are free to join or belong to other networks.


Connect to the world

The Network enables its members to tap into the power of being able to access hundreds of public affairs and law firms from virtually every geography on earth.

No fees

With no membership fees the network is open to any high-quality firm, regardless of size. This is a win for clients, who are connected through members to the expertise they need in any location required. When members  focus on what they do best, they gain new business because of their expertise, provide better service, and grow existing business through a direct line to what will become the largest pool of public affairs talent in the world—all without paying anything.

Global brand

Member firms improve their brand and reputational profile. Members can differentiate themselves overnight by gaining the best of both worlds—maintaining their unique, independence while becoming part of a powerful global community of its kind.


By not limiting the network to geographical exclusivity or number of firms, member firms will be able to choose among many top firms to identify the best firm for their clients.

User-friendly technology platform

Members benefit from direct access to the most sophisticated technology platform in the industry. The platform affords an easy way to research and evaluate member firms, saving time and money while connecting clients to the highest-quality talent available anywhere.

Extensive reach

Member firms gain a global footprint and become likely to receive more referrals, along with the ability to connect clients to the right talent to meet a client’s specific need in most any geography required.

Repeat referrals

Member firms will be able to increase referrals through a technology platform that promotes reciprocal referrals. This platform  leverages the reach of Dentons and the Nextlaw Referral Network–the largest law firm and the largest legal referral network in the world.

Client opportunities

Nextlaw Public Affairs Network is open to any public affairs firm, of any size, that meets the network’s high quality standards. This allows member firms, regardless of size or location, to be connected to client opportunities around the world and to collaborate with other public affairs and law firms to find the right firm with the right expertise in the right place for clients.

Nextlaw Public Affairs Network brings together the top public affairs experience and capabilities in the world.

Join us in leveling the playing field and transforming our industry.

How does the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network application process work?


Step One

Prospective member firms have an opportunity to fill in an online application.


Step Two

The Nextlaw Public Affairs Network team will review all applications and assess qualifications and eligibility.


Step Three

Accepted firms will receive an onboarding guide to help them maximize the benefits of the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it really free to join?

    Yes. With no strings attached.
  • Why would the largest law firm in the world want to create a public affairs network?


    Dentons wants to put its clients first. That means being able to offer them the very best public affairs expertise anywhere in the world. Dentons cannot do that themselves. No one can. That is why Dentons is establishing Nextlaw Public Affairs Network. It's the same reason all network members join. So that they can provide clients with the best service available anywhere in the world.

  • Can a firm belong to other networks and also belong to this one?

  • Can a firm quit the network anytime?

  • If there is more than one firm in a specific region, how will those firms be prioritized in the network?


    Other member firms will choose the firm they believe is best for their client, based on their assessment of talent and need. To assist member firms in evaluating one another, a client-based rating and ranking system will be created over time.

  • What is the relationship between Nextlaw Public Affairs Network and Dentons?

    The Network is a wholly owned, separately operated subsidiary. (See Terms of Use).
  • What is the relationship between Nextlaw Public Affairs Network and Nextlaw Referral Network?


    The two networks share the same platform and technology, and, where and when appropriate, can join forces to provide holistic and integrated solutions.

  • Can any firm join?


    The network serves as a level playing field open to any and all qualified firms, regardless of location or size. Our quality-focused screening process determines whether a firm’s application is accepted.

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